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Do you want more? Do you want to grow your business and you want to know how to do it?

Do you want absolute clarity about what you are going to do? What tactics work?

Most of my clients really want one on one time with me but I can only do this for a select few given the big time commitment you will get if we work together one on one. I’m looking to work with people who are really committed to business growth and significant changes. You have to be prepared to take action.

In return I will work with you one on one and in your business with your teams to put together a clear creative business growth strategy that clarifies what you are going to achieve and how. I then engage, motivate and work with your team and yourself to provide accountability and a sounding board to ensure implementation.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory”

(Sun Tzu, the art of war)

I specialise in taking businesses that are either

  • In a state of survival, in need of oxygen (cash), and you are looking for the things you can do to turn your business around and get you back on track.
  • Would you like to stop people you owe money calling you three times a day?
  • Would you like to pump cash into your business?
  • Would you like to stop wasting money?
  • Do you want more CASH in your business?I work with you to devise the turnaround programme and with you and your team to deliver it, engaging with key customers, suppliers and bankers/ funders where necessary. We plug the leaks and get your business stabilised ready for growth.
  • They have previously done very well but are frustrated with plateauing revenues. If you are you fed up with revenues flat lining and when you try to put more money behind marketing and sales activity you are rewarded with falling profits.  Some reward!

Are you battle weary, tired of putting more energy and effort in but getting less out?

Isn’t it time you got you, your team and your business from plateauing to thriving? More the point, isn’t it time we started growing again, putting profit on your bottom line and putting money back into your pocket and maybe even a smile back on your face ????

I will help you develop creative business strategies that accelerate growth, make you stand out in a market place, influence and persuade the right customers to buy from you and the right team members to join you. I will help you improve productivity and with managing change.

I follow my strategic planning process and use my proven business model ‘The Strategy Compass” to help you plan for business growth, get the right people and systems in place to expand you business.

One to One Strategic planning and coaching programmes are designed to meet individual business clients needs but usually include the following areas –

Following our Strategic Planning Process we develop your business growth strategy and the business growth plan to implement it.


Today is all about the art of the possible. Switching you onto the vision of what your business can do for you, your market and your legacy. How you really can get your business back onto your own terms and it help you play the game of life inside and outside of your business to win, to provide wealth, happiness, health and fulfilment.

Today is about uncovering the creative business growth strategies that make you stand out and the marketing strategies that bring you a flow of leads.


  • Appreciation of strategic landscape
  • Finding your differentiated proposition so you stand out in a busy market place
  • Identify your Purpose & Legacy to fuel customer and talent attraction
  • Understand the strategic trends affecting your market place and the opportunities to grow your business
    • Model Mastery
    • Revenue Streams
    • Product Offerings & Staircase
    • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy


Today is about us building the systems, structures and resources to deliver on the growth plans.

  • Structure & Systems
    • Resource Planning, People Capability including future Organisation Charts to inform recruitment
    • Capability development (Systems & People)
    • 12 month marketing plan
    • Financials – Budgets and Cashflow forecast
  • Action Plan
  • 90 Day Growth Plan
  • Top 5 Goals


6 – 12 month – Implementation programme.

I will spend time in your business helping you and your team put your plans into action and provide ongoing accountability with exceptional coaching and mentorship.

For more details call our office now on 0333 4444 113 and arrange a phone consultation so that you can find out more about the strategic planning process and we can find out more about you and your business and see if the fit is right for us to work together.

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