Thrive Mastermind

Business Growth and Strategy Programme

An invitation only 12 month programme for an exclusive group of up to 10 businesses with 1 mission: getting you, your team and your business thriving, in spite of the challenges you may be facing.

The focus is on growth of cash, profit and team.  Once on track we then add in other components in your definition of thriving such as innovation, impact and quality of life.

We get your business back on your terms by creating growth strategies for business so that you get the fulfilment and reward you desire and deserve. We are looking for people who are serious about getting their business is in the right shape to either sell or for you to step back whilst a capable  team run it in the next 3 – 5 years.

The Promise: To get you, your business and your team thriving.

The Thrive Mastermind: This is Gavin Preston’s signature programme. A business growth accelerator that delivers results.

The Thrive Mastermind is a business growth system for a small and exclusive community of business owners who are decisive action takers, committed to doubling the net profits of their business in 12 months.  This programme is in two phases each of 6 months.  There is a minimum 6 month commitment. The programme follows Gavin’s proven 6 step business growth model, The Strategy Compass.

What you will get:

Phase 1: You and your growth strategy

Launch: PURPOSE Mindset & Outcome

Experience has shown that we can create the biggest impact by having a launch event where, in a dynamic and supporting environment we lay strong foundations to build your growth upon.

Having addressed these crucial first 3 steps of the model, you will be inspired, energised and focused to deliver on our agreed Thrive outcomes.

·       You will have clarity about the bigger why for you and your business, the driving force

·       You will know and be practising the mindset techniques that have delivered such strong results from those that have been before you.

·       You will be clear about your main business outcome and supporting objectives / KPIs.

·       You will be ready for the next stage…The How…Step 4: Strategy.


Gavin working with you and your business individually, developing creative growth strategies to double your bottom line. You will have one day at the start of the programme.

Personal mentoring from Gavin by Zoom, WhatsApp and Phone. Gavin’s incisive insight will address what’s holding you back and get you on track with your growth strategy.

Invaluable Emotional Intelligence Quotient Assessment.  Up to 85% of our success in business is down to our ability to recognise and manage our own emotions and influence those of others. This impactful assessment lasers in on your areas of untapped potential, giving us a very clear remit on where to focus the personal aspect to the coaching.

Monthly accountability and coaching calls where we track key performance indicators for the growth of your business ensuring that we keep on track implementing your strategic business growth plan.


Be part of a community of like-minded business owners with the same objective, sharing experience, contacts and advice to fast track your profit growth. A closed Facebook group to share wins and challenges. Our monthly online Mastermind sessions will serve as a sounding board for anything putting the brakes on growth and providing new ideas and strategies to further growth. ‘The board you can’t afford’ expertly facilitated by Gavin.


The community will hold you to account every month when you meet for the Mastermind sessions. You will want to make sure you have delivered on all that you said you would so that you don’t let the team down. Gavin will hold you to account during mentoring calls and during mastermind sessions. Everyone is equally committed to delivering on their own thrive targets.

This programme is designed for businesses with a turnover of £500,000 to £5 million who have hit a plateau in revenues who know now is the right time to take their business to a whole new level. So that all members have the right amount of focused time with Gavin and to ensure the group is made up of like minded people who want to be around each other to share, to do business and hold each other accountable there is an application process and membership of this exclusive community is by invitation.

Phase 2: your Team and implementation

Step 5 of The Strategy Compass is capability.  In order for your business to SCALE we need to build the capacity of the business and the capability of your people. The focus on phase 2 is to get your team on board and building the capability and capacity of the business so that is can safely and profitably scale.

For you to achieve your objectives, in particular if you have an eye on selling, you team not only need to be engaged with this, they need to consistently deliver a strong performance.

Team Kick Off

A combined one day event for the teams of Thrive Mastermind members to build motivation, mindset and engagement.

In house bespoke team events can be arranged as an additional part of this programme.

Step 6; Action and Accountability

You will continue with your Monthly Masterminds and Coaching calls as needed.

Monthly Team accountability calls

Individual Coaching for key members of your team can be arranged as an additional part of this programme..


This programme is backed by a 100% cast iron money backed guarantee. If after attending the 2 day launch event and going through your first strategic planning day you do not feel you will be able to commit to the programme and therefore won’t get value from the 12 month Thrive Mastermind programme you can request to leave the programme and receive a refund of any funds paid to-date less admin expenses and keep your strategic plan with our compliments.


To find out more about the Thrive Mastermind and whether it is a fit for your and your business and whether you are a fit for the programme, call our office on 0333 4444 113 to arrange a complimentary phone call with Gavin.

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