Business Growth Strategy and a strategic planning process with accountability to help grow your business

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

You want more. You want to grow your business and you want to know how to grow your business.

Do you

  • Get frustrated that competitors are driving down your prices even though what you deliver is significantly better?
  • Get confused with the vast number of different business growth strategies and tactics that you could take to grow your business?
  • Get exasperated that your customers/clients think you are amazing and yet there is not a fruitful flow of new clients/customers?
  • Do you know in your gut that you deserve more than your current business results are showing?
  • Want absolute clarity about what you are going to do? A clear business growth plan for your business?

What is it going to cost you in terms of missed opportunity, health, regret, family and relationships and lost income if you do not address this now?

We specialise in taking businesses that have previously had growth but now have plateauing revenues and who want and need a business growth strategy supported by a robust business growth plan.

We help you develop the business growth ideas, the creative business strategies that accelerate growth, make you stand out in a market place, influence and persuade the right customers to buy from you and right team members to join you. We help you improve productivity and with managing change.

We follow our strategic planning process and use my proven business growth model ‘The Strategy Compass” to help you plan for business growth, get the right people and systems in place to expand your business

60 Day Strategic Planning and Coaching Programme

Following our Strategic Planning Process we develop your business growth strategy and the business growth plan to implement it.  Two days over two months.

Day 1 – The Creative Day

Today is all about the art of the possible. Switching you onto the vision of what your business can do for you, your market and your legacy. How you really can get your business back onto your own terms and it help you play the game of life inside and outside of your business to win, to provide wealth, happiness, health and fulfilment.

Today is about uncovering the creative business growth strategies that make you stand out and the marketing strategies that bring you a flow of leads.

  • Appreciation of strategic landscape
  • Finding your differentiated proposition so you stand out in a busy market place
  • Identify your Purpose & Legacy to fuel customer and talent attraction
  • Understand the strategic trends affecting your market place and the opportunities to grow your business
    • Model Mastery
    • Revenue Streams
    • Product Offerings & Staircase
    • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy

Day 2 – The Capacity & Capability Building Day

Today is about us building the systems, structures and resources to deliver on the growth plans.

  • Structure & Systems
    • Resource Planning, People Capability including future Organisation Charts to inform recruitment
    • Capability development (Systems & People)
    • 12 month marketing plan
    • Financials – Budgets and Cashflow forecast
  • Action Plan
  • 90 Day Growth Plan
  • Top 5 Goals

For more details about our 60 day Strategic Planning call our office now on 0333 4444 113 and arrange a phone consultation so that you can find out more about the strategic planning process and we can find out more about you and your business and see if the fit is right for us to work together.

Six Monthly Upleveller

The 60 day strategic planning programme works.

In fact it works so well that the quick implementers have rattled through their business growth plan in under six months and are ready to take their business to the next level and upgrade their business growth strategy and business growth plan for the next phase of growth.

Some clients have been known to double their business in six months, come back from an uplevelling day and gone onto double their business again in the next six months, come back for a 2nd uplevelling day and got a plan to double their business yet again!

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