Entrepreneurial Development and Executive Retreat at sea with Gavin Preston.

A powerful, moving and life changing business retreat to create the “sea change” you’ve been looking for in your business and life.

To create real shifts in your business it starts with creating real shifts in you.
To create lasting change you have to first let go of the old.
To be the architect of transformational change for your business you need space, inspiration and a navigational system.

As humans we are creatures of habit. We are habitual in our thinking, our visioning and our actions. To bring about a real change in performance and fulfilment we need to interrupt our old patterns of thinking and open our mind to the wide horizon of possibilities.

We escape the constraints of our habitual thinking and actions by spending three days afloat on a luxurious super yacht. With great hospitality, thought provoking guidance and coaching from Gavin, the boundless horizon at sea gives us the space and time to think, to mastermind and to plan.

To be the architect of transformational change for your business and your life you need space, inspiration and a navigational system.

Sailors, before a voyage, draw up a passage plan. You could see this executive retreat as a passage plan for fulfilment, success and legacy inside and outside of your business. Gavin leads you through a powerful business and life planning process in a unique setting that provides a ‘system reboot’ for you professionally and personally and gives you the passage/route plan on how to get your business and your life back onto your terms and to create the kind of life, wealth and health you want and deserve.

Gavin is an experienced ocean-crossing sailor who has grown up around sailing, the sea and boats since he was four years old. It is his ‘natural environment’ and it helps him deliver a whole new level of transformative experience, a ‘sea change’ in result.

This executive retreat is a VIP event and as such is invitation only. For more information and an exploratory call with a member of our team then call our office on 0333 4444 113.

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