Growth Road Map Part 4: Steps 11-13

31st January 2017

Gavin Preston

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  1. Personal Accountability & Raise Standards

    I too often see individuals in businesses blaming others when something goes wrong/goals are not achieved.  Blame is a lack of personal responsibility.To double your business everyone in the business needs to take personal responsibility for delivering on the objectives that they have been set.  Build a team of ‘A Grade’ players. Build a culture of constant and never ending improvement.  Hold individuals accountable for delivering on their objectives.  You then have a team capable of doubling your business.
  2. 12 Week Challenges

    We get the most done on the day before we go on holiday don’t we?  For most people they are most productive just before a deadline.The problem with setting annual goals is that is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have loads of time to achieve the goal.  Instead, set up a 12 week challenge.For example, set the sales team a 12 week sales goal and devise a 12 week sales campaign with MTO goals (see point 6).  The 13th week is a re-charge week where you celebrate the success of the 12 week campaign, review what worked well and the areas for improvement and plan the next 12 week campaign.  Week 14 becomes the 1st week of the next 12 week sprint.

    Having a series of 12 week sprints will increase productivity and output.

  1. Be Bold, Be Brave

    Someone once said to me, in the context of going for a new job, that unless your knees are knocking with anticipation/apprehension regarding the new role, you have not stretched yourself in the level of job you have gone for.  The same applies to the goals we set for our business.  Play big or go home.When you ski fast down a mountain, drive a car fast on a track, sail in a gale….when you push yourself so that things are on the edge, where half of you is exhilarated and the other half of you is petrified you feel the most alive.  It is when we really stretch ourselves that we discover how truly capable we really are. Set yourself and your team goals that are truly worthy of you.

    Take a deep breath and go for it.  Be bold, be brave and make a difference.

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