Is it Inspiration you need or the How to?

16th May 2017

Gavin Preston

Be Inspired


This week I had a conversation with a great business man. He told me the story of last year being a brilliant year in terms of business and profitability but he went on to describe how his current experience of business is not the same and it has had a big impact on his morale, motivation and focus.

This is not a new story to me and every time I hear a story it like it I get emotional.  No, I don’t burst into tears.  My heart goes out to the person I am talking to.  Not in a ‘there, there it will be ok” pat on the back kind of way but in a determined caring way to want to help them get the fire burning in their belly again, get the energy and passion for the business back again, to get the thrill of the chase back.

Without energy we have nothing.

With energy and inspiration we can achieve almost anything.  It becomes a mission of mine to bring that back.

Inspiration on its own is nothing…we need to take action.

We, of course, know that but too often we are held back with confusion about ‘the how’.  How to achieve the goal/target/objective.

This is the second way in which I help by building a strategy action plan that drives growth and profitability.

Then, as the military are fond of saying: “no plan survives the first contact with the enemy”.  The implementation is rarely all smooth sailing.

It is during those times that I am by your side, watching your back, providing those small course corrections or as a friend of mine says…. being your ‘critical friend’ and coaching you through the good times, the tough times and those in between.


To find out how you can get more inspiration, clarity on the how and a critical friend to keep you on course, then click here.

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