What are you doing to engage the enthusiasm, ambition and energy of your rising stars?

10th July 2017

Gavin Preston

Be Inspired


This last week, whilst working on a client project I overheard a conversation between two young guys that work in the company.  Whilst sitting in an adjoining office I was ring side to the conversation between RS1 & RS2 (let’s call them Rising Star 1 and Rising Star 2) that put a big smile on my face and seriously impressed me.  It went along the lines of:

RS1:  “Hey RS2 I’ve just downloaded the Audible App to my phone yesterday and during my drive to and from work I have started to listen to ‘Think & Grow Rich’ and I am loving it. You should try it”.

RS2: “Cool. I am just finishing off listening to ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and the next on my list will be ‘Breeding Gazelles’. After that I will listen to ‘Think & Grow Rich’.

Much has been written about the millennial generation and how to manage and lead them in the work place. To me, that little conversation provides some clues: engage, captivate and lead.

I believe that a business is either growing or it is dying. The same is true for the people that make that organisation.  Give a few minutes’ thought every week to the question ‘how can we create an engaging culture where people want to show up and give their best?’

Create a culture that cultivates learning, curiosity and ambition. Build a vision of a compelling future for your business and put the rising stars in your business at the centre of it.

Use a tool such as the Talent Dynamics profile to see what activities your employees should be doing that will add the most value to the team and the business.

Stoke the flames of ambition by building their self belief, provide them with a mentor and recommend them to read/listen to books that will inspire and educate.  Audible’s library of audio books and the vast amount of valuable content in podcasts and on You Tube are great ways of learning whilst in the gym, walking the dog or on the commute (other than watching You Tube whilst driving!). Deepen the learning by encouraging discussions about their key learnings from these learning resources and the insights they are going to implement.

Fertile, curious and inspired minds working to achieve a common goal leads to delighted customers and a high performing business.

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