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Time to think

6th February 2017

Gavin Preston

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When was the last time you stared out of the window?

In an attempt to be at your most productive you pack your diary/allow your diary to be packed with back to back meetings. You are running at full speed all day so much so that some days you wonder how you found time to pee never mind eat.

Emails to respond to, calls to make, people to see. Hustle, hustle, hustle.  You are in a whirlwind of doing.  You are running hard.

If that is not enough, our social media feeds steal our attention craving for likes, comments and shares. Weekends can also be as packed.

I recently realised, such is my thirst for knowledge and insights that can help clients, that even during the times when I am not in front of a laptop, iPad or with clients such as when I am travelling, in the gym, doing the washing up, running errands or driving, the earbuds are in and I am listening to podcasts, audiobooks and (when safe to do so) watching You Tube clips.

A constant onslaught. We are pushing a lot of data in but when do we stop and process it?  When do we give ourselves the time to think, to think deeply?

There are many photographs on social media of Sir Richard Branson, with a notebook and pen to hand, staring out to sea from his Necker Island home.  He clearly regularly takes the time out to think and that has worked out ok for him.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it.’ Henry Ford.

My realisation at the turn of the year was that whilst I get time to think about my clients’ businesses I am filling every other moment inputting information into my mind and not creating enough time to stop, and think deeply. So no longer is every single moment of a car journey filled with listening to a podcast or an audiobook.  I use the time to think.  I have taken a leaf out of Sir Richard Branson’s book and whilst I haven’t been sitting looking out to sea from Necker Island, I have been sitting looking out of the office window and thinking.

Where do you do your best thinking? Whether it is in the shower/bath, walking the dog, just before you drift off to sleep at night or at your desk during your week, take the time to stop and think. You may just save you and your business time, energy and money by doing so.  Who knows you may be finding yourself coming up with the idea that becomes your next market leading innovation.

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