Be Certain When Everyone Else is Uncertain

15th June 2016

Gavin Preston

Business Growth


Now be honest….has all the fear based coverage surrounding the EU Referendum caused a moment of doubt, impacted your confidence in your business plans/your sales projections or your investment plans?

If you have, please STOP.

Catch yourself in the moment.  Why let a journalist ruin your day, let alone your delivery against your business plans?   Journalists are not there to educate; merely to grab attention. Nothing grabs attention more than invoking fear.

We know that market sentiment sets an economy.  The danger is that when too many business owners start to doubt, to adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude because of uncertainty, those decisions multiplied across the economy have a real impact.

In every market condition, in every sector, in every geography there is always a business that outperforms the rest of the market. It is a choice. Are you going to be that business?

It is those businesses that are certain, who are confident and passionately determined to achieve their goals and achieve their targets no matter what is thrown at them that are attractive.  Attractive to customers, to talent and to investors.  Indecision, hesitation and procrastination are not attractive qualities.

Where others have been put in a state of fear and uncertainty, we have a perfect opportunity to stand out and to confidently lead.

Certainty backed with consistent confident action is the antidote to uncertainty.

Yes, look at the strategic landscape and run through ‘what if scenarios’ so that you have a prepared response to external factors beyond your control but don’t let that paralyse you into inactivity or relegate you to sitting on the fence.  That’s what others do, not you.

If marketing and leadership are about creating a following.  Now could be your time to build your following.

Bargains can be had, market share can be gained, reputations can be built in challenging times.

Be bold.  Be a beacon.  Light the way.



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