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30th April 2017

Gavin Preston

Business Growth


Your Belief In Me Gives Me Wings
You give me the wings
To help me fly
To not give up but to try
To reach out toward the sky
To strive to make my dreams
Come true even if they don’t
I know I have the greatest gift in you
I still reach for the sky
Because my heart sings while your belief
In me gives me wings

by Ann M Johnson (written for her daughter)

If I step back and look at the biggest impact I have on my clients, yes I give clarity through developing a personalised Strategy Action Plan; yes I help increase lead generation and conversion; yes I provide accountability and focus.

Yet the things that catalyse all of these are raising the sights, the aspirations, of the people with whom I work.

I help paint a picture of a compelling future, give clients the permission they need to go for it and create the “fired up, ready to go” feeling. From here we build the growth strategy, develop your skills and knowledge (and that of key members of your team) and provide the ongoing course corrections to keep you on track.

If this appeals to you and creates that “I could do with some of that” feeling, then you are going to want to find out more about my signature programme: DYB

This is designed for people who want to create a massive shift in their business, whether it is to Double Your Business or to have a Determined Year of Breakthrough, this programme delivers results. We are accepting applications for this effective programme now ready for a start in late May.  This is a dynamic community to be a part of and a programme that delivers significant results.

“The Double Your Business Programme is the best investment I have made in 25 years of business.”  M Saunders, Business Owner

To find out more about the DYB Programme click here.

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