[Step 6 of 6] – Contribute and Celebrate

Contribute and celebrate business growth

7th May 2016

Gavin Preston

Business Growth


Over the last five weeks in my blog I shared the first five steps of ‘The Growth Code’ my business growth system to create predictable business growth:

Step 1: Compelling Vision

Step 2: Culture

Step 3: Convert

Step 4: Consistent Delivery

Step 5: Capability to Scale

This week I am going to share with you the final step, Step 6, in how to create predictable business growth: Contribute and Celebrate.


In my last blog I closed out on the point that the journey of business growth is a roller coaster.  All of the focus, sweat, blood and tears goes into achieving the goal.

What happens when you get there? ….Next!  Off we go onto the next goal.

Before you rush head long into the next goal and getting your team(s) engaged, pause for a minute and take time to recognise the achievement, to celebrate and to reward.

We need the adrenalin of anticipation as we pursue goals.  We also need the adrenalin of celebration once we have achieved the goals.  Apart from the obvious fun, bonding, motivating and re-fuelling of the tank, benefits of taking time out to celebrate, there is an important health benefit.  Centuries ago when we needed our adrenalin to fight or flight to stay alive, there was a moment when the threat had passed when relief and then celebration that you were still alive took over. The adrenalin of celebration.

In modern working cultures the constant pursuit of one stretching target after another means that we are running off adrenalin for extended periods of time with the associated levels of cortisol at consistently high levels.  High and sustained levels of adrenalin and cortisol can lead to chronic stress.

Celebrate the wins in your business, let the team let off a bit of steam and recharge.  They will come back refreshed and ready for the next challenge and wanting to exceed the results of the last project/campaign.


One of the consequences of a concerted and focused effort by your team to deliver accelerated business growth is that as a business you can become tunnel like in your focus on sales, conversions, production schedules, addressing problems, keeping stakeholders on board and the list goes on.  Such focus is key to success. Be careful of allowing it to get you too inward looking as a business.

A good leveller is to recognise it is not about you.  It is about the customers you serve and your customers’ customers.  It is about the difference you are making in the markets you serve. This of course is your ‘Why’.

When we look outside of the business we are more able to relate to our customers and their needs.  I have worked with corporate team after corporate team in their head office environments who are so caught up in their political manoeuvrings and career advancement that they have lost all sight of the customer.  It won’t be long before the customer sets their sights on a new supplier.

We should be seeing business as a force for good.  How can your business give back to your local community, to charity, to a cause that is close to your hearts?

We will do more for other people than we will do for ourselves. Link your business success to giving back with time, expertise, money to causes that matter.

A focus on contribution helps us answer the question “What is it really all about?”.  But before I go too deep remember that ‘to give is to grow’.  Team members will be more engaged and a positive high performing culture will develop.

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