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8th May 2017

Gavin Preston

Business Growth


Take a pen and piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle of your paper, and imagine this circle was like a wheel.  Draw ten spokes on the wheel.

I want you to think about the spokes of the wheel as being potential lead generation sources. So for example they could be your website, Google AdWords, email marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, joint ventures, speaking at events, social media such as Facebook Ads, Facebook Live videos, Instagram, referrals, and networking. This is not an exhaustive list. You will notice, there is no mention of radio or print advertising, for example. You could add these to your wheel if applicable to your industry.

Initially, draw the wheel and the spokes but do not label them with lead generation sources.

So, you’ve drawn your circle.  What I’d like you to do now is write on the first three spokes your current top three lead generation sources. For you it might be word of mouth, it might be Google AdWords or Facebook ads, it may be direct mail, maybe email marketing. What are your top three lead generation sources?

Now that you’ve noted your top 3 lead generation sources that you currently use, populate what you think might be the next 3 or 4 lead generation sources that will enable you to pull more leads into your business.

If you take Google AdWords or Facebook advertising, there is a cost of those leads.  Those leads, however, will generate an opportunity for you to convert into your business and therefore can be an extremely effective way of bringing in leads into your business.

Advertising on Facebook is significantly cheaper than the cost of Google Adwords, although as happened with Google adwords, Facebook has become a very busy platform in terms of advertisers. Nevertheless many who find Google Adwords too expensive get a return on investment from Facebook Ads and Facebook Video Ads.

Facebook Live videos can get a lot of traction and are perfect for building your tribe. Instagram has a similar feature with Instagram stories.  If you are selling B2C then I would encourage you to start experimenting with Facebook Live and Instagram Stories videos.

I have also seen a trend moving back towards old fashioned face-to-face business development. Getting out there and meeting people in the flesh and building relationships.  A strategy that works is to connect with a target customer on Linked In, send them some articles or content that will add value to them, get in conversation on Linked In and move that conversation to the phone. Build the relationship further with the aim to meet face to face.

It is always a joy when we help you create new sources of leads and then help you convert more of those leads into business. This is just one element of our strategy days and our DYB programme.

Remember the goal with your marketing is to create attraction, grab people’s attention so that they want to follow what you’re up to and ultimately increase sales. If prospective customers can see you either speaking at events, or doing a demonstration of your product or service at a trade show, or indeed they can see you on YouTube, these resources can also be incredibly powerful and effective lead generation sources.

Most businesses use too few sources of lead generation.  If you want to get more leads then start using more lead generation sources but use the sources that are a fit for your sector and the demographic of your target customer.  For example, don’t use Snapchat if you are targeting women between 45 and 60 years old but do use it if you are targeting teenagers.

Yes, there is the work involved but the reality is in a very noisy market place we have to do more to stand out.

As part of the process we take you through on the DYB programme we review your lead generation and sales process.  Every time we do this we find opportunities to generate more leads and increase conversion to put money straight to your bottom line.

If you are fed up of hanging around for the outcome of political events and want to get on with securing your family’s financial future and grow your business then the DYB programme will help you achieve that.

Click here to see how the DYB experience can be transformational for you and your business.

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