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8th September 2015

Gavin Preston



I recently received an email from a brilliant member of my Double Your Business Programme ( 12 month programme to double the bottom line profits of your business with a 100% money back guarantee). Planning to take a day off work during the week to be with her children, she said “Don’t worry this isn’t a part of the new me…” i.e. that taking time off during the week was something that is wrong.

It is all too easy in our aim to create financial success in our business to work longer and longer hours. I will hold my hand up on this one!

Our goal in our business should be to build wealth in all sense of the word: Wealth in terms of your health, wealth in terms of your family and relationships, wealth in terms of your experiences and shaping a business that delivers wealth in terms of success, achievement and financial reward. Then it is about creating wealth in terms of financial freedom for our families in this generation and beyond.

Business people who achieve financial success but at the expense of their health and family relationships are not truly wealthy. They are often lonely and unfulfilled.

However, when we have a rich and rewarding family life, friendships, health and business success then we feel fulfilled.   This is one of the reasons Richard Branson is such an admired role model.

If we have worked on our relationships with family and friends, if we have built relationships in our business and with customers and suppliers, if we have over time taken care of our body and mind then when life throws its curve balls at you, where things go wrong in one area or another in your life, there are the people and support mechanisms and resilience reserves to help you move through the tough times.

In addition to thinking how can I serve my customers, ask how can I serve my family, my friends, my health and my self

Make the week count x

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