Are You Impatient? It Could Be Costing You A Lot.

Are you impatient?

12th March 2016

Gavin Preston

Business Growth


Of course you are.  You run your own business.  You’re ambitious.  You want more.  More sales, more market share, more profit, more time off and less stress.  Surely that is par for the course for an Entrepreneur.

Being impatient can fuel the tank or more specifically put a rocket up your backside.  It can cause you to push harder and demonstrate the tenacity of a leach, the persistence of a winner.

Impatience also raises levels of anxiety, adrenalin and cortisol in your body. Long term that will have negative consequences on your health.  You can become irritable.

Let’s change tack a moment. Do you like it when you have something to look forward to?  How good do you feel when you are looking forward to going out for dinner at the weekend at your favourite restaurant with your best friends or your partner?  How much do you enjoy looking forward to your holiday? So much so that as soon as the holiday is over, you start looking forward to the next one.  How much do you look forward to the smile of your child or wagging tail of your dog greeting you when you get home (well at least the dog will do the tail wagging bit even if your son or daughter are not in the mood to smile).  Waiting can make you happier.  If you wait longer for something you appreciate it more.

In business can you invest a lot of time, effort and money into developing and implementing new systems that will provide significant efficiencies, into developing a marketing campaign for new customers, into developing new members of your team….and yet you have not seen the results you were hoping for ……yet.  This is where not only impatience can kick in but where impatience can spill over into despondence as you think “this is just not working!”  A fall in morale can follow and the zest your business used to give you can wane.

Good things take time.

Be Patient and Trust

There are times when you need to push hard.  There are times when you need to trust that the ground work you have done will pay dividends.  Start looking forward to the results you want just like you look forward to your next holiday.

Take pleasure in the gestation period.

Being patient is not about slowing down the pace of growth.  It is about enjoying the journey of growth.
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