Connect Your Customers

Connect your customers

18th March 2016

Gavin Preston

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Connect Your Customers.  Do this and your customers will love you.

You work hard at exceeding your customers’ expectations.  You and your team are constantly looking at ways to innovate your product or service; to make the buying journey both offline and online easier and hassle free; make your customer service to be legendary; and to create such raving fans of your customers that they recommend you to others.

Yes, there is always plenty to be doing in addition to managing the operations of your business, developing and managing your employees, refining your marketing campaigns for greater effectiveness, managing the cash-flow and having time to think about the future.

The delivery of your product or service is only a part of what you can do for your customers.

Do you actively look for opportunities to connect your (B2B) customers with each other where you can see possible synergies/deals to be done between them?  If you do, they will love you for it.  If you help them achieve their goals, other than just through the delivery of your product or service. you are adding deep value.

I recently did this with two of my VIP clients on my DYB Programme.  One business is Studio People who design and build beautiful bespoke professional music studios.

It is a wonderful family business built on good family values of excellent product and excellent service and do the right thing by your customers.  Working with them, I felt that they needed to tell the world about their team and the workmanship that makes them special.

Another member of my DYB group is Groundbreak Productions. Their video, documentary and TV ad commissions are first class. These guys have a gift in telling stories that engage and move people.

There was obvious synergy. There was a deal to be done and more importantly an opportunity for the Studio People’s story and their ‘Why’ to be taken from under the bushel and shone brightly.

This is the result of the work GroundBreak Productions did for Studio People: Moving, impactful and true.  Click the image below and watch this spectacular video – I have watched it at least five times and it keeps getting better:

Watch the Studio People's video

When you connect your customers powerful and beautiful results can happen.


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