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6th February 2016

Gavin Preston

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You have chosen a different path.

Many choose the path of employment. Inherent with this choice, in many hierarchical companies, is a clear career path mapped out for an employee: assistant – senior assistant – manager –  senior manager –  director – Managing Director….

The Path to Success

The path of the business owner, the entrepreneur is less clear: Managing Director – Managing Director – Managing Director – CEO – CEO – CEO – Investor.

What gives you the sense of progression, of personal growth?  You can measure growth in turnover, profitability, employees and market share etc.  These measures often show gradual growth rather than the specific, identifiable moment the employee gets a promotion and they step up to a new level.  The call, email, letter that follows the employee’s job interview delivering the good news that they have got the promotion prompts celebration, pride, a sense of achievement and growth in self worth. This builds a growth mindset.

Looking back over the years of running your business, have you had as many of those moments running a company as an employee would have had on their?  Do you feel that although your business is growing well that you have not progressed as much in your own personal growth?  It’s time to reward yourself.

There will have been instances where you have taken your company to the next level but your title has stayed the same.  To shift to the next level, we need to be prepared to leave an old version of ourselves behind.  To shift our business to the next level we need to change our identity, how we see ourselves.

Give yourself a promotion!  Take on a new identity.

To take your business to the next milestone in growth, ask yourself: “What kind of person would achieve that goal in their stride?”  What would they invest their time and energy on?  What would they predominately think about?  Who would they spend time with?  What would they be talking about?  What would they be doing differently?  How would they dress?  How would they be engaging their team?  How would they be developing their relationships?  How would they be developing their health?  And what would they be learning to develop themselves personally?

Give yourself a Promotion

Give Yourself a Promotion! Take on a new title.

What title would they give themselves that is totally aligned to how they see themselves?  What label would they have above their heads?  Serial Entrepreneur, Global Leader, International Investor, Millionaire Maker?  You may not put this title on your business card but this is the label you put above your head.  This is the way you see yourself.  Too often people label us and people become the labels that are given to them.  Give yourself the label of who you are becoming.  Celebrate it!  Feel the sense of pride, growth in self worth and achievement.


  • Decide on the next goal or milestone in the growth of your business.
  • Build a compelling vision of you leading your business to achieving that result.
  • Decide what kind of person would achieve that goal in their stride.
  • Write down that kind of person in terms of what they invest their time and energy on etc. (as above). This is writing your identity statement.  Read your identity statement daily.  Live it in your mind’s eye as if it is real.
  • Give yourself a promotion. Give yourself a new title.  Be sure to make the title worthy of who you are becoming.
  • Celebrate your promotion.

BS Filter:  Changing your title to millionaire investor of course does not wave the magic wand and automatically make you a millionaire investor but unless you start to see yourself at the next level, you are making it much harder to get there.  Our subconscious will go to great lengths to bring about the real world in line with our strongest held inner reality.

Develop the right mindset for success.

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