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4th March 2016

Gavin Preston

Business Growth


The three things a billionaire says you need to do to grow your business…and they are not what you expect….

I was recently listening to an episode of Ryan Moran’s Freedom Fastlane Podcast and his interview with billionaire Jeff Hoffman (4 Feb 16 Episode) and I was struck by the answer to the closing question of the interview: “What are the three things you would advise someone who wanted to create a breakthrough business?” (Ryan describes a breakthrough business as one that moves from about the business founder/owner into a scalable business that can leave a legacy).

1.Story Telling: Your Ability to Tell a Good Story

To grow a business you need to persuade employees, investors, prospective customers, banks etc to join you in your mission, to do business with you.  Your ability to tell a good story, to pitch your products and services, the purpose of your business is fundamental to building a tribe of suppliers, team members and customers essential for growth.

Build the right team

2.Team Building: Build The Right Team Around You

As you are examining a new business idea Jeff recommends you list the things that have to happen in order for your business to succeed. Then list what skills are needed to get those things done.  Build a team around who have those skills.

As a founder of a business you have to wear many hats, not all the hats, out of necessity.  The problem is that many business owners hang onto too many tasks or “hats” for too long and this stifles growth.  Invest in building your team.  Build a team of “A grade” players.   Train them well.  Set the culture and standard of your business.   Nurture and encourage and coach them to become high performers individually and collectively, a high performing team.

3. Customer Intimacy – Spend Time With Your Customers 

Spend time with customers not in a sales conversation but to build relationships, get to know them, find out what the problems and challenges are with which they are grappling. This will not only build a connection that will lead to a longer term business relationship, it will also provide you insights as to new products or services you can bring to the market.


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One Response to Three Things To Grow Your Business

  • clive Rayman says:

    Hi Gavin hope you are well I agree with the answers to the questions, the same can be applied when manager needs to build a new team around him too and listening to his internal customers too

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