What Will Be Your Olympic Moment?

Olympic Moment

27th February 2016

Gavin Preston

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What is your ultimate goal? What is the thing, that once you have achieved it, you will feel like you have reached the pinnacle of your life or career?

This goal is crystal clear for a professional athlete: to win Olympic gold or to become the World Champion.  For years there is only one thing in their life; a single unwavering focus on achieving the Olympic Gold.

They want it so badly that they will do whatever it takes to leave no stone unturned in their training and preparation for the big day.

Olympic Moment

It is not just the determination and focus that is important here, it is the feeling of achievement on winning the gold.  The feeling their life’s work is complete.  The feeling of fulfillment.  In their visualisation of winning the gold they are vividly imagining the moment when they know they have won the gold.  They experience the feelings of joy and achievement so intensely as if they were real.  This is a crucial part of the mental preparation.

Whilst we might not all be budding Olympic athletes we all need an Olympic moment in our lives to aim for; to put our heart and soul into achieving; so that we can get the amazing feeling of achievement, elation and celebration.  So that we can feel fulfilled.

These moments don’t happen by accident, they are created through dedication, focused attention and purposeful choices.

What is your Olympic moment?

  • For your life?
  • For your business/career?
  • For your relationship?

Choose one.  Put everything you have into achieving it.  Notice how alive you feel in the pursuit of it. Enjoy the most amazing feeling of joy, elation and fulfilment as you visualise daily the moment of achievement.  This is key to achieving it.

Enjoy your Olympic moment when it happens.  You deserve it!


Having worked with over 5,000 businesses in the last two years I have seen time and time again the frustrations many business owners have which have prevented them from reaching their ‘Olympic Moment’.  I have therefore developed an all new one day business growth programme called The Growth Zone.  During this event I will take business owners through the six steps to remove these frustrations and put them on the path to exponential business growth.

To find out more about The Growth Zone, click here.


Thanks to Andre Rossouw for the inspiration for this blog post.

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