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25th January 2012


Business Growth


Do you have a product or service that you have been developing / thinking about for some time that you know customers would want to buy but have not yet released it?

Are you holding back because you don’t think it is perfect?

Often what holds us back from launching our product or service is our drive for perfection and our fear that our product or service would not be good enough, which sends business owners around another loop of tweaking and improving.  Yes, we need to ensure that our product or service is of high quality and will be a solution to a particular need of your target customer.  However, there comes a time when you have to get your product out to market. Constant pre-launch tweaking robs you of the very things you need to make your product truly great: Customer Feedback, Profit to fund product development and a growing fan base. The insights we get from ‘early adopters’ of our product or service will accelerate improvements in the product because they will use the product in ways we could not have thought.  The revenue from the sales will fund ongoing product development and importantly customers will start talking about your product and drawing others to your product or service.

You are robbing yourself

I was recently working with an Entrepreneur who was struggling to finish her book.  Not because she was short of motivation but because every time she went back to her book she thought of another point she wanted to make, another chapter she wanted to add so as to make her first book perfect.  I said to her ” Do you realise that by doing that you are robbing the content of your 2nd book?”  In a moment that changed how she saw what she was doing.  That weekend she finished Book 1 and is now collating ideas for her 2nd book.  She also has the pride and satisfaction to have finally completed her first book. Of course when Book 1 is launched she will attract followers and new clients and a growing fan base that will fuel her business growth. With book 1 completed she is now moving forward on promoting her live event and accelerating the growth of her business.

Take the first steps

If you have products or services under development, select the one that best meets a need in the market and take action: Launch it, market it and harvest the feedback to develop your 2nd version. Start taking the first steps and momentum will build as will the success of your business.


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